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Welcome to the Korea Labor and Employment Relations Association!

Since its establishment in 1989, the KLERA has developed onto one of the top research communities covering the issues of labor and employment relations in Korea, thanks to great efforts made by the former and present generations of association membership. In particular, it is publicly recognized that our association, comprised of diverse researcher groups from industrial relations, labor law, and labor economics as well as professionals from labor unions and corporate management, has built an academic community to encourage friendly bonds among members, and extensively contributed to the enhancement of Korean labor and employment relations by promoting policy debates and academic conferences. As the 28th President of KLERA, I try my best to keep alive this honorable heritage of the KLERA and offer academic forums for our members to jointly study and discuss labor issues confronting the Korean society and policy solutions to deal with those issues. I would like to address several ideas of how to operate the 28th administration of the KLERA, as follows:

First, the KLERA’s main purpose is to facilitate academic exchange, so that I will make a concerted effort to lead the academic research of labor-management relations in Korea by organizing academic conferences and assisting study groups on key labor issues. In addition, we try to provide full support for successfully hosting the 18th ILERA (International Labour and Employment Relations Association) World Congress, which will take place in Seoul in 2018, co-hosted by the KLERA.

Second, in light that Korean labor and employment relations are faced with many structural problems, I believe that the KLERA can make significant contributions to the progressive innovation of labor markets and industrial relations in Korea by employing professional expertise of our members. Particularly, since the KLERA is constituted by researchers in various academic fields, such as labor economics, industrial relations, labor law, and human resource management, as well as professionals from labor and corporate organizations, I think that our association can contribute substantially to the finding of right solutions to tackle such crucial labor issues as youth unemployment, labor market polarization, and labor-management confrontation, by combining expertise and wisdom of our members in an organic manner.

Finally, during my term, I'll try to communicate actively with our members for encouraging their participation in the KLERA activities, and further promote mutual exchange and academic friendship among members of various fields and interest backgrounds. With these efforts, more members are expected to take part in the KLERA conferences and meetings with enthusiasm and pleasure.

I wish that all of you have the best of luck and achieve much success in the future, and hope to see you in the coming KLERA programs .

The 28th President of the Korea Labor and Employment Relations Association
Byoung-Hoon Lee