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The 27th President John Lee
Dear Members of the Korean Labor and Employment Relations Association (KLERA),

I am very grateful to inform you all about the following.
I, John Lee, began my service as the 27th President of KLERA on July 1, 2016. Since KLERA was established in 1989, it has developed into one of the top representatives of Korean academic societies concerned with labor and employment relations issues in Korea, thanks to the great endeavors of a lot of our senior officials and junior members. In particular, I strongly believe that our diverse researchers from employment relations, labor law, and labor economics have formed close bonds with other researchers through policy debates and academic conferences, and have therefore greatly contributed to the development of labor-management relations in Korea. I honor the heritage of KLERA and would like to strive toward continuing to provide a place within academia to discuss ways in which to deal with one of the most serious times regarding labor issues that Korean society has ever witnessed. With regard to the future of KLERA’s management, my vision and plan are expressed in what follows.

First, KLERA’s main purpose is the facilitation of academic exchange, and thus I intend on encouraging and assisting with the preparations for regular academic conferences and policy debates. In addition, I will make the greatest of efforts within KLERA to lead labor-management relations not only in Korea but also in our broader globalized society. Related to this, I will continue to work hard to successfully hold the 18th ILERA (International Labour and Employment Relations Association) World Congress, which will take place in Seoul in 2018, co-hosted by KLERA.

Second, although KLERA is strictly an academic society, I intend for KLERA to shoulder some of the burden of building sound employment practices and mature labor-management relations by taking a more active interest in the diverse labor and employment issues in which our society has been involved. More specifically, since KLERA has a diverse group members consisting of professors, researchers, and experts from labor economics, employment relations, and labor law, we will be able to contribute to solving many labor and employment problems, thus creating a synergy effect when we are able to organically employ our experts based on their areas of specialization.

Finally, through communication with as many members as possible during my service as President of KLERA, I would like to promote friendly relations between senior and junior members, and to make the utmost efforts to participate in every meeting and conference with enthusiasm and pleasure.

I wish you the best of luck and much success in the future, and I would like to extend my warmest thanks to you all.

The 27th President of the Korea Labor and Employment Relations Association
John Lee