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Welcome to the Korea Labor and Employment Relations Association!

Dear members of the KLERA and all those who have shown kind interests in our association,

I would like to extend my warmest regards. As the 29th President of the KLERA, I feel a great responsibility and pledge to do my utmost for our association to further grow and develop.

It has been three decades since the KLERA was founded as an academic society specializing in the discipline of employment and labor studies, encompassing fields such as industrial and labor relations, labor law, and labor economics. Through the active participation and dedication of our predecessors and fellow members, KLERA has grown into an organization which leads and drives research in the fields of employment and labor studies, and has contributed greatly to reforms and developments in the real world of labor and employment relations in Korea. KLERA will continue to provide leadership in pushing forward for academic exchange across a wide spectrum and collaboration with other related academic bodies.

We will strive to create a wide range of opportunities and an environment which foster scholarly exchange, by serving as a venue in which meaningful and mutually beneficial exchange can occur to generate greater academic performance. Above all, we will raise the standard of academic exchange by thoroughly planning and hosting periodic academic conferences and policy forums. When necessary, we will organize non-periodic policy debates and symposiums, and participate in or provide support for similar events held by related organizations as well. In particular, we will actively participate and assist to ensure that the ILERA (International Labor and Employment Relations Association) World Congress in Korea in July 2018 be held successfully. We express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Organizing Committee’s hard work and devotion over the past several years in preparing for this year’s World Congress.

We will endeavor for KLERA to play a leading role in academic research in employment and labor studies by providing structured and systematic support to our members’ various research activities. In particular, in building a solid foundation for our association in preparation for the future, we will actively seek various measures to cultivate young up-and-coming researchers and support their capacity building. We will also seek ways for a greater number of research papers to be submitted to the Korean Journal of Industrial Relations.

Lastly, we will strive for KLERA to become a member-based association which is run upon the basis of member participation and communication. In order to realize this goal, we will endeavor to enhance KLERA’s competence and financial self-reliance by inducing the active participation of our members and expanding our membership. We sincerely ask our fellow members for the enthusiasm and active cooperation in this regard.

We believe that your support and constructive criticism will allow KLERA to further grow and develop. We will put in our utmost efforts to fulfill these visions. We wish our fellow members all the best. Thank you so much.


The 29th President of the Korea Labor and Employment Relations Association
Yoon-Gyu Yoon